Appetizing appetizer on chips with cheese and garlic

Composition of the product:

- Hard cheese of any brand 100 grams.

Fresh tomatoes 260 grams.

-A bunch of greens.

- Mayonnaise to taste.

- A couple of fresh garlic cloves.

- Potato chips are smooth round, like Pringles.

-Olives for decorating snacks.

Method for preparing snacks: cut washed tomatoes into small pieces. Drain the juice if it is in excess. Cut the greens very finely. Three cheese on a grater.

Mix cheese and tomatoes, add greens. Squeeze the garlic through the garlic press and add. Dress with mayonnaise, mix. We spread the mass on the chips, immediately serve it on the table, the chips will not last long with such a filling and soak. You can put a small leaf of salad under the filling.

So we made a beautiful and tasty snack for any feast.