Christmas wreath

The idea to decorate the doors of their houses with Christmas wreaths came to us not so long ago. They are made from dry twigs, from cones and nuts, from branches of spruce, pine and even laurel.

Well, today we will make a New Year’s wreath of materials that can be easily found in every home.

To create a wreath, we need such materials: magazine sheets, durable threads, superglue, scissors, rain, and, of course, New Year's decor: cones, ribbons, beads, bells, acorns, decorative mesh.

1. We begin to create the very foundation. We will make it from magazine sheets. This is the most time-consuming stage of work. We take a few sheets and begin to twist them in a spiral. When the spiral becomes dense, add a few more sheets to its end and twist them again. Thus, we wind the sheets until we get a paper tube of the desired length. Then we connect the ends of the tube, forming a circle. To give the base a more round regular shape, we wind on top of the base a few more sheets.

2. We wrap our paper base with thick threads to give it more strength and roundness of the lines.

3. Now we decorate the base of the wreath with a rain of two colors (or having different shades.) We fix the ends of the rain with glue.

4. Do not forget to make a loop on which our New Year’s wreath will be attached in the future.

5. Now it remains with glue and New Year's tinsel to decorate our wreath. For this purpose, you can use any materials: gilded nuts or cones, various beads, bows, acorns, decorative mesh, bells or ready-made purchased compositions.

Our wreath is completely ready. It remains only to hang it on the front door, and he will delight us with all the New Year holidays.