Multicolored butterflies

On cold winter days, when a snowstorm sweeps outside the window, and also in the evenings when snow falls outside the window, I so want to return to the summer - hot, bright, sunny. One of the components of the wonderful season is airy, colorful butterflies, which on their wings carry warmth, harmony and comfort. A piece of summer is very simple to create at home, decorating any plain wall with a rainbow of butterflies.

For work, we need:

- double-sided colored paper (you can use colored cardboard), I made from 9 different colors;

- a white sheet or cardboard for the template;

- double sided tape;

- scissors.

We start by creating a template for future butterflies. We draw a butterfly outline on a plain white sheet and cut it out. If you don’t have drawing skills, you can find a template on the Internet and print it or just open the picture, attach the sheet to the monitor and circle the drawing along the outline. In this way, butterflies of various shapes with patterned wings can be made. I made butterflies of the most ordinary form, three sizes.

Next, we overlay the templates on colored paper, circle and cut out the required number of butterflies. In order to save time, you can fold a sheet of colored paper several times and then cut it - you will get several figures at once.

The next step - we bend the butterflies in the middle along two lines - we select the body, for which they will be attached to the wall. From the outside on the body you can stick various patterns of paper of a different color, it will turn out unusual and very colorful. I have butterflies without patterns, but thus no less attractive.

We turn the butterflies over, and double-sided tape is glued to the back of the “body”.

Now the butterflies are ready to settle on the wall, we mount them on tape.

You can use any color combinations and arrange butterflies as your inspiration suggests. The result is a very pretty memory of summer. Adults are joyful, children are entertaining - you can study colors and count butterflies.