Draw christmas bells

The bells can rightly be called a symbol of Christmas. Christmas bells ringing has long been a tradition. As you know, New Year and Christmas are just around the corner. So let's draw some bright bells. It is quick and easy. Step by step photos will help you in this matter. This tutorial is good for beginners, even if you've never painted anything like it.

First draw sketches - two shapes similar to eggs, tilted to each other. Then sketch the bottom of our future bells.

Do not worry that you need to draw a lot of auxiliary lines - in the end we just erase them. Outline the shape of the bow, foliage, then depict the bells in more detail so that they become clearer.

Then it remains to draw some lines and write “Merry Christmas” (Merry Christmas). The inscription can be changed - write a congratulation in Russian or write "Happy New Year", "2013" and so on.

Now erase all the extra lines that helped us simplify the task at the beginning of the drawing.

So, step by step, you will draw the Christmas bells, which you can then colorize as you wish. Just look carefully at the step-by-step photos, everything is painted in detail there. Such an image can serve you as a Christmas card.