DIY solar distiller

This simplest solar distiller for distilled water works purely on solar energy and nothing else. It is not difficult to collect it, and everyone can do it. Its final performance is not high, but 100% free. And to solve some domestic needs, it may well work.

Will need

  • Three plastic bottles of 1.5-2 liters, any shape.

  • Two plastic bottles with a volume of 0.25-0.33 liters.

Given today's products, all this can be easily found in any grocery store.

And you will also need: sealant (hot glue can be used instead).

From the tools: stationery knife, felt-tip pen.

How to make a solar distiller

So, let's start manufacturing a solar distiller. First, cut the bottom of the small bottles with a knife.

Then we take one large bottle, and closer to its neck we put small bottles in a row. We circle with a felt-tip pen.

Cut holes

As a result, the bottles should be inserted into these holes.

Next, take the second bottle, and put the necks of small bottles to its bottom.

We also circle the felt-tip pen and cut holes for them.

Insert one into the other. The result was a certain design.

The junction of all the bottles is glued with sealant so that everything is tight.

We will paint the bottle that has a tap off the top with black spray paint.

From the third bottle we cut out the stand for the black bottle so that the whole structure can be put on the table normally. Tape it with tape.

The device is ready.

How does he work?

Everything ingenious is as always simple. The distiller is placed in the sun. Water is poured into a dark container. Since the containers have a different color, in the sun they will heat up differently. A black bottle will have a temperature of about 70-80 degrees Celsius, and a transparent one in the region of 40.

Of course, the water in the black bottle will not boil, but it will still evaporate more actively. Her pairs in small bottles will go into a transparent container and condense there.

Due to the use of a two-level transition between the bottles, a cycle of air with water vapor is created inside the distiller, which will increase the performance of the system.


Pour water into the neck of a black bottle. For the purity of the experiment, it is tinted.

We put our distiller in the sun and leave it to work.

In the evening, when the sun hides, you can drain distilled water.

And you can not drain, but wait until the right amount is produced.

The result is this: that the distiller stood in my work for five sunny days in a row, as a result I managed to get 60 milliliters of distilled water. It turns out its performance is 12 ml. per day.


Someone will say that this is not much, and relatively will be right. And if we take into account that zero energy and effort was spent to produce this amount, then this is a lot. The idea is quite working, and there are a myriad of such devices that can be built, especially considering their cheap production costs.