Decoration for a wedding car of roses

A wedding is a wonderful event in the life of any person. And I really want that on this day everything would be at the highest level, original and especially. Often in wedding salons for decorating cars a similar set of bows is offered, years with artificial flowers and balls, from which all the tuples become like each other like twins. But do not be upset and upset because of this, because you can make a very beautiful, unlike any other jewelry with your own hands. To do this, you need to decide on the main color of the whole decoration, buy a piece of "mesh" or hard tulle 3 meters long, and a set of satin years.

So that you get such a decoration

you will need:

For ribbons, 13 squares 5cm × 5cm should be cut from ribbons. Remember that the tape itself is already 5 cm wide. Burn the squares so that the tape does not spill.

You can cut the squares not only with scissors, but also with the help of a burner.

First, fold each square diagonally, then you need to bend the corners to the center slightly overlapping. Like this:

The tip of the folded "square" must be cut

Singeing off the cropped edge while it is hot, squeeze it well with tweezers with your fingers so that the edges stick together. So one petal is ready. In total, 13 petals must be made for one rose.

You need to start making a rose by twisting the first petal with a tube that is fixed with a thread - this will be the center of the “outlet”

The remaining 12 petals are planted on the thread. At the end, do not break the thread, it will come in handy.

The resulting strip of petals is wrapped around the central petal and fixed with a thread so that the flower does not unwind.

In total, you need to make 7 roses of each of 4 colors. Each seven will form a line along the fold.

The grid is laid with folds so that it turns from a square into a triangle (like a half-sun with rays). There will be 8 folds that need to be ironed and fixed at the edges - this will help the decoration to keep its shape. And one more little tip: sew the upper part of the folds of the linen elastic, and at the bottom, make a hem, in which the elastic is also inserted. Elastic band in the future will help to fix the decoration on the hood of the car. Lay out and attach the roses in rows, starting with a darker color, gradually turning to light shades. In this case, the first fold should be skipped, and start with 2, then at 4, 6, 8. As a result, the hood of the car will be decorated like this:

Such an elegant and beautiful car will make the newlyweds' way to the registry office spectacular and enjoyable!