Jewelry from threads - macrame technique

Any modern fashionista knows that you can emphasize your style through various jewelry and accessories. But in order for the image to be truly elegant and unique, decorations should not only be beautiful, but also original. And, as you know, the most exclusive gizmos are made manually. That is why many girls prefer to make jewelry with their own hands. Firstly, it allows you to save money, and secondly, you can safely say that the accessories of their own manufacture are certainly the only and only.

One of the most ancient, but, despite this, the macrame is still an actual technique for creating jewelry. Today we will learn the basics of this art and try to make a bracelet from threads (or, as they are also called, a bauble).

To do this, we need: floss thread (I used only 2 colors - orange and yellow, but you can combine more shades), a pin, scissors and a sewing needle.

The size of one / each thread should be approximately 50 cm. After you cut the desired number of threads (I have 4), fold them in half like this.

Now step back from the bend about 5 - 6 cm and tie a knot. Then, for the convenience of further work, pin the loop with a pin, for example, to the upholstery of a sofa or carpet.

If you use 2 colors, it is better to spread the threads through one. When using more colors, you can come up with some other order of alternating colors (for example, “rainbow”, etc.).

Now take the leftmost thread and double tie it with the next thread.

That is, how to tie a knot on the first thread, and then repeat it. Next, on the same thread, we double-knit a knot from the next, not yet used, thread, etc. until all the threads are tied around the first.

To make the knots even, you need to keep the first thread in tension all the time, and tie the knots as tight as possible.

After we have made one row of knots, we repeat the procedure again, using the same principle. We also start with the leftmost thread. Make sure that the colors alternate through one.

Then from each two strings you need to make chains of knots. For this bauble, I knotted five knots on each pair of threads. To make the knots look more attractive, tie them one by one, lifting up the left or right thread.

Now again we make 2 rows of knots, starting from the leftmost thread - just like we did at the very beginning.

For convenience, you can pin different sections of the baubles to the upholstery with a pin or help fix the work with a needle.

In fact, the weaving of the whole bauble will consist of two stages - knitting a number of knots and knitting chains of knots. Therefore, we alternately repeat these steps until we obtain the required size.

After the required number of nodes will be connected, we need to complete the work as follows. At the end, we tie all the threads into a knot, as at the beginning of the work.

After this knot, leave about 5 - 6 cm, and cut off the remaining threads. We cut the upper eyelet, which at the beginning was pinned with a pin, into two parts. Thus, the ties are obtained, on which our dyeing will be held.

As you can see, making jewelry with your own hands is not so difficult. Try it and you will succeed. Good luck