Ham omelet

Omelette, as well as scrambled eggs, have not surprised anyone for a long time. Surely every student knows how to cook such simple dishes. But sometimes not every adult tries to somewhat diversify dishes from eggs, supplementing them with some other product. But omelet can be made incredibly tasty and nutritious, adding to it just, for example, a little ham. But the dish will turn out much tastier, more aromatic and satisfying than from eggs alone.

To prepare such an omelet, you will need:

a pair of eggs

a small slice of ham,

pepper, salt,

a slice of margarine

and, of course, a good frying pan.

Getting to the cooking omelet with ham:

Beat eggs in a bowl, add pepper and salt to them. Cut the ham into small strips.

Put a small piece of margarine in the pan, and when it melts, pour the beaten eggs.

As soon as the edges of the omelet begin to bake, put on top slices of ham.

In order for the omelet to be completely baked, you need to pull its already-caked edges to the middle with a fork or spatula, while tilting the pan so that the liquid eggs flow to the bottom of the pan and bake.

When the whole omelet is baked, its edges are bent to the middle, folding in the form of a pie.

In this form, move the omelet on a plate and cut it into pieces for convenience.

Serve the omelet to the table preferably hot.