Self-vulcanizing repair tape

To quickly restore the tightness of water pipes, heating systems, automobile pipes, as well as to isolate high-voltage wires, you should always have a repair tape on hand, which turns into a monolithic rubber layer within 24 hours.

Will need

  • Self-vulcanizing repair tape. You can buy it in a plumbing store or on AliExpress, it costs relatively little (link).

Pipe sealing

Due to the absence of an adhesive layer, the tape must be wound on the damaged section of the pipe so that a layer with a protective film lies on the surface, which must be separated from the tape before that.

The treatment area should be cleaned of debris and dirt.

Winding must be carried out from the undamaged area in the "tightness" - so that the tape fits as tightly as possible onto the pipe. Cut off a piece of the required length from the skein.

Having processed the latter on both sides of the breakthrough, we securely close it, winding several revolutions, which completely eliminates the leak.

The chemical layer under the protective tape begins to act immediately, so it is enough to firmly press its end so that it is securely fixed.

The peculiarity of the material lies in the fact that the process of formation of a monolithic coating can take place without access of air (for example, a cable or hose under water). It is also completely resistant to aggressive chemicals (solvents, paints, etc.) and is durable - a self-vulcanizing tape will serve until you decide to carry out a major overhaul of the damage.

After 24 hours, the tape gains full working hardness. If it is necessary to remove the protective layer, it is enough to cut it with a knife.

The tape can withstand significant pressure.

Sealing can be carried out in a humid environment.

The special properties of the tape

Such a tape has absolutely nothing to do with insulating materials of a similar type - it does not have an adhesive layer. It is a strip of rubber rubber, one side of which is covered with a protective film. Under it lies the applied chemical composition, which provides an independent vulcanizing process for 24 hours. The result is a very reliable uniform rubber sheath, which does not come into any contact with the surface on which the tape was wound.

The self-vulcanizing material does not conduct electric current, which allows it to be used instead of a conventional insulating tape.

This is especially true for protecting wires under high voltage - the self-vulcanizing tape is much thicker and more reliable. In addition, the tape is tear resistant and can withstand heavy loads.

Other uses

Durable material does an excellent job of sealing high-pressure hoses or discharge pipes (vacuum hose). Also, with its help, you can effectively handle the handles of tools or household electrical appliances.

After 24 hours, you will get an excellent anti-slip coating having a monolithic structure.