Bracelet "Intricate Waves" of beads and glass beads

The “Intricate Waves” bracelet is made of glass beads and beads using the Ndebele technique, although at first glance it might seem that the bracelet is made using some other technique. To create a bracelet you will need beads and bugles. Any color can choose. And the length of the bugles is not important, just if you have it longer than mine, then pick up not two beads, but three or four. You can quickly pick up the required amount of beads per eye.

So, prepare a strong thread or fishing line, but note that the bugle must be of high quality. For example, the Chinese bugles mercilessly cuts any thread and even fishing line, so a product from low-quality bugles will not last you long.

First you need to weave the first row, on which the fastener will then be sewn. It consists of twelve beads, string them on a thread, as shown in the diagram. Then braid the second row, which also consists of twelve beads.

The third row is already woven using glass beads, first you need to string two beads (or more, depending on the length of the bead), then one bead. Weave the third row according to the scheme, the fourth row is also woven from beads and glass beads. Weave all subsequent rows similarly to the fourth.

When the bracelet is the length you need, sew on the ends of the product a clasp, which you can make yourself from large beads and loops. Hide the ends of the working thread in a finished bracelet.

Bracelet "Intricate Waves" is ready. If at the beginning of the work not a row of not twelve beads is made, but of ten, eight and so on (an even number of beads), then a product of a different width will be obtained, therefore, if you add beads at the beginning of the work, you will get a wider strip. You can experiment with flowers, combining glass beads and beads of various shades and colors. Good luck