Snowman made of disposable diapers

Recently, gifts created from improvised materials are becoming increasingly popular. Not the last place in the list of such presents is occupied by products from disposable diapers. These crafts are intended, as you might guess, for children. Every day more and more inventions and designs from this non-traditional material appear, you can find various cakes, motorcycles, strollers, cradles, trains and more.

A gift from diapers is in demand by many due to its functionality. Such a present consists of disposable diapers, baby items, toys, cosmetics and other stuffing. The donated design can be disassembled at any time, and each of its elements is used for its intended purpose.

Making a snowman out of disposable diapers is not difficult and very exciting. To create it, you need a large or medium pack of diapers (it all depends on the size of the product that you want to get on the output), white diapers, baby sheets, pillowcases, towels, anything of your choice, in the amount of three pieces. Baby hat and scarf that you can knit yourself. Safety pins, some scarlet paper, bead needles, tree branches or wire and woolen thread.

1. Twist the disposable diapers in length, in the form of rolls.

For the first tier, you will need 14-16 diapers, for the second 10-12, for the third 4-6.

2. Rolls are combined in circles, tying with a thread or an elastic band.

3. We wrap each of such circles with a white cloth (diaper, pillowcase, sheet, towel of your choice), having previously folded it in the form of a scarf.

4. Fasten the ends of the fabric with safety pins.

5. We connect the resulting circles with each other using a wooden stick.

6. From the paper rolled in the shape of a cone we make a nose. To get it, you can cut a circle out of brightly colored paper, make a slot in the circle to the middle, and twist the cone, fixing it with tape. Such a nose is fastened with safety pins.

7. Eyes can be made using bead needles.

8. Hands can be made of real branches or wire wrapped in woolen thread.

9. Dress a snowman a hat on his head, tie a scarf.

Your gift is ready!