How to disassemble the power supply housing from a laptop

The case of the laptop power adapter is glued in two parts with special glue and does not have any other fasteners. If an accident happened, and the power supply is broken, then for its repair it must first be disassembled. And how to do it if it is not collapsible? For a long time, when disassembling, I just broke the case, but everything turns out to be much simpler than it might seem. And to open such a block without damage is not so difficult.

As you can see, the shell is almost completely airtight. There are no channels or indentations. I often disassemble such blocks not only for repair, but also for replenishing the electronic supplies of my workshop, because there is something to take.

Will need

  • Cotton wool or cotton swab.

  • Normal gasoline of any octane rating. Also proved to be good 646 solvent.

We disassemble the glued body of the power supply

The essence of this method is to soak the bonding adhesive with a solvent. To do this, we moisten the cotton wool in gasoline and wipe the seam between the parts of the body.

We moisten necessarily abundantly so that the solvent penetrates into all pores. Turn the block over to the other side and repeat the procedure with the other side.

It is necessary to go through the entire building along the perimeter.

Then leave to glue the glue for 10-15 minutes. And then we coat the seams again and also wait for unlocking.

After a while, very carefully, try to open the block.

There is no need to rush, not in all areas the glue managed to move. If suddenly, it so happens that there is no movement, be especially careful - pick it with a scalpel.

And finally, everything opened without damage.

Now you can repair or simply retrieve the necessary parts in reserve.

Be sure to carry out all procedures with gasoline (solvent) in a well-ventilated area, otherwise poisoning can occur.


Such cases are also used for power supplies for monitors, printers, camcorders, etc. This simple method will help you get to the insides without unnecessary difficulties.