Bright rug from old towels

The idea of ​​a rug or doormat made on your own and by your own hands is very interesting and popular. If the weather outside does not pamper us with a bright sun, warmth and rainbow, then create a soft, bright and very positive rug, this is the solution to all issues.

To realize my creative idea, I needed one old towel, two small T-shirts well-worn, and to dilute my creation with bright colors, I even launched a pair of soft warm socks. Of course, if you are inspired by my example, you can use any old things that you choose by color, texture and density.

First you need to prepare shreds, cut them into long strips and sew them in half, bending the edges. I twisted all the resulting strips from a yellow towel in the shape of a figure eight and fixed with sewing needles. I also cut the rest of the things, sewed strips from them, and rolled them into round pieces. When my workpieces were ready, I began to think over the design of my product, shape and pattern.

I settled on the fact that my small rug is well suited for the bathroom, made it round. For edging, i.e. I used all the yellow blanks of the outer edges, since there were a lot of them. I sewed them together and fastened the layers and bends with threads. The result was a strong and dense circle.

Then I laid out all the resulting rounds in the drawing, arranged them all in the inner part of my rug. The rounds began to sew together. In general, you can sew them very tightly holding each other, I, in turn, decided to leave fictional voids that gave a wonderful decorative effect.

After carefully stitching the round pieces together, I got a round rug, very dense and bright. I advise you to fasten it with more frequent stitches from the bottom and from the top, so your carpet will hold better, in which case, it can even be washed in a washing machine.

The carpet looks great in the bathroom in front of the shower, in front of the dressing table or in front of the toilet itself.

I can also advise you to make the same rug from felt or felt. Such a pleasure costs, of course, a lot of money, so you can donate an old Soviet felt blanket, cut it into even, long strips and glue them together, depending on your imagination and design abilities.

Does beauty and a thirst for needlework live in the soul? Take your time, stock up on patience, perseverance, ribbons, glue, thread and needles - and such a rug will appear in your room! I wish you success and the implementation of everything conceived!