Horizontal bar, parallel bars and press

In order to keep myself in shape, I made a special simulator, which includes 3 in 1 - bars, horizontal bar and the ability to swing the press.

To do this, we needed a profile pipe 30X20X2 7 meters, a pipe 3 \ 4 1.5 meters, foam rubber, plywood, leather. Deputy and special grips on the handle.

Initially, a special frame was made with hooks for attaching a horizontal bar. It is attached to the wall with eight anchors.

Using the profile pipe and special tools, the basis of the horizontal bar construction was welded. The pipe was bent around the edges to define the shape of the horizontal bar, which was welded to one of the edges of the structure. To engage in this simulator, you will need to fasten the horizontal bar itself to a frame that is initially attached to a wall or a flat surface. In order to change the way you train, you just need to turn it over to the lower hooks.

The entire structure was cleaned for painting. Then grips were put on the pens and the simulator was ready.