First-aid kit from plastic bottles

In everyday life, at the hands of every person there is a huge amount of material from which to make something interesting and special, but not all of them notice and show imagination. Plastic bottles - why not material? I propose to make a very beautiful first-aid kit out of them.

To create a masterpiece, we need six plastic bottles, threads for knitting or the rest of the yarn, a crochet hook (I used number 2), a hole punch and funny pictures. Why do we need the last detail, it will become clearer a little later.

So, let's begin. Take plastic bottles and use a sharp knife or scissors to cut out the central even part. That is what we need.

Next, using the knife handle, smooth the edges of the workpiece, making it flat.

Scissors align the edges of the workpiece. Cut out the central part of all bottles. Plastic blanks should be washed, remove the label and traces of glue.

The next step is to work with a hole punch. It is necessary to make holes around the perimeter of each workpiece, retreating from the edge of about 5 millimeters. These holes are necessary to decorate the workpieces, and their connection.

So it is necessary to process all the workpieces.

Next, we begin to decorate the details. Using a crochet hook and threads, we knit all the blanks with a single crochet.

We bind the blanks intended for the front walls and the lid so that we get a “pocket”.

We will place our funny pictures in it, making, therefore, the first-aid kit more interesting. After placing the picture in the pocket, you can leave it open, or you can sew it, but then you will not be able to change the image.

After completing this stage, we need to connect all the body parts with honey, they can both be sewn with a simple air seam, or knit.

Next, we begin to work on the cover. I will make it flat, but you can dream up a bit and give it any other shape.

We attach the cover to the body.

To close the first-aid kit, you can come up with some kind of lock.

First aid kit is ready!

If desired, the volume of the first-aid kit can be increased by adding the number of plates, you can also add partitions. Walls can be decorated not only with pictures. They can be painted with paints, gouache.

The process of creating such a first-aid kit will not take more than one day, and you will use the product for a long time and with great pleasure. It is beautiful, original and interesting!