Flower brooch

As you know, all women have a weakness for flowers, decorating them with their hair or dress. Fresh flowers as a decoration is sophisticated and stylish, but their beauty quickly fades. That is why flowers made of fabric are so popular, sometimes exact replicas of fresh flowers. To make them, you need a whole arsenal of tools called boules, and in the presented master class you will need only the simplest everyday objects. To make a brooch - flower with a diameter of 10 cm, you will need:

Scissors, a needle and a thread in the tone of a flower, beads or small beads, a candle, matches, safety pin about 3 cm. Fabric - nylon, polyester, satin or any other synthetic fabric. This is important, since the artificial fiber melts on fire and, thereby, processing (fusion) of the edge of the fabric occurs, and it does not crumble during operation of the finished product. Natural silk or other natural fabric, in this case, will not work, since it will not melt on the flame, and, accordingly, the effect of a bent petal will not work.

A flower brooch consists of 9 petals - circles of fabric the smallest with a diameter of 4 cm and, further, with a difference of 1 cm, all other petals. Thus, the diameter of the last, largest is 12 cm. In the finished form, the flower will be 10 cm in diameter.

To process the edges of the petals, you need a candle flame, and if you have experience, you can burn the petals just in the flame of a match. The edge of the fabric, being melted, bends, forming a petal with unevenly curved edges in a shape resembling a saucer. It is recommended that you first try on a test lobe or shred how exactly the fabric is melted. Determine the approximate distance to the flame at which the edge bends a little inward.

All petals obtained during flame processing must be stacked in increasing order. This stack of "saucers" and forms a flower.

After the flower is formed, fasten it with a pair of stitches in the center so that the petals do not move. After that, you can fill the middle of the flower with beads or beads.

Sew beads or beads in the middle tightly to each other, forming the center of a flower with a diameter of 2 cm.

After the middle of the flower is ready, without tearing the thread, sew on a safety pin on the back of the flower. The brooch is ready!

Using the remaining fabric and a flower brooch, you can decorate a blouse.

If there is a gloomy or boring rim, then a flower brooch will update it and decorate your hair style.