Velvet money bag

Many people hide money in envelopes, piggy banks or books in order to save up for a thing they like, being carried away by the style of Feng Shui, I know for sure that money should add up to something beautiful and expensive, banknotes should be convenient and pleasant. No matter how funny it sounds, but money loves luxury, I want to show how to make a beautiful money bag from velvet and ribbons.

We need: Velvet, lace, gold-colored fabric, ribbons, beads, dacron and kapron thread. Needles for beads, needles for ribbons, scissors, pin.

From the velvet fabric we cut a strip for the future bag, that is, determine the size of the bag yourself, after which you make sketches with lavsan thread, tucking the fabric for the lace.

Before stitching a strip into a future bag, it must be fully embroidered and decorated, and then stitched and stretched the lace. We embroider jewelry on the fabric, make flower petals with ribbons, the largest white flower in my bag, we take a wide white ribbon and proceed.

Then, with the help of a needle with a thread and ribbons, we wind the roses, the roses are made quickly and not difficult, the main thing is to sew each curl with a thread, do not tighten the curls strongly, choose the size of the roses yourself, I made them small.

Now we sew the previously prepared roses onto the future bag, sew it firmly, but carefully so that the fabric does not deform, the velvet fabric can be damaged by the needle, so we carefully measure each flower and sew it so as not to make holes in the fabric.

After the roses are sewn, we make the petals around the roses, for this we take a needle for ribbons and ribbons, and carefully without damaging the fabric we embroider the petals.

Then everything is carefully corrected, somewhere we tighten something, somewhere we hem, align the fabric and get ready to stitch the bag.

We proceed to the completion of the bag, with the help of a sewing machine we sew our bag by adding gold fabric on the sides, thereby the bag will become wider and more beautiful.

We sew the gold fabric very carefully and it is unforgettable that, it will be necessary for us to put the lace into the place already prepared earlier.

Now with the help of a pin, we put in a string, it can be any, for your taste, long or short, I took a twisted thread.

The bag is ready, now we take the beads and carefully sew the beads to the bag, sew with nylon thread. It turned out to be a very beautiful and rich bag, you can’t always find one in the store, you can use it not only for money, but also as a phone case, etc.