Poached egg in a bag (quick breakfast)

This picturesque, original dish that fits perfectly with the concept of good nutrition is usually prepared for breakfast. Some 5-7 minutes. - and the poached egg is already flaunting on the prepared plate.

This unusual and simple way to cook poached eggs in a pouch and strict adherence to the time regime allow you to cook a quick breakfast even for a novice in cooking.

Ingredients for 1 serving:

  • a) eggs - 2 pcs.,

  • b) spices - to taste,

  • c) olive oil for lubrication.


1. Place the food bag or film in a small spherical salad bowl. Put oil on the bottom and smudge on the inside of the bag.

2. To make the dish surely turn out beautiful, break the egg into a separate bowl, making sure that the yolk is intact.

3. Carefully transfer everything into a prepared salad bowl with a bag.

4. Add salt, pepper.

5. Tie a plastic bag tightly under the very edge of the raw protein.

6. When boiling poached eggs should be in a suspended state and not touch the bottom of the pan, so measure the required distance of the twine on which the workpieces will be attached.

7. Boil water in a spacious pan. To fix a stick or a long spoon with eggs in bags at the top of the pan, thereby immersing the eggs in boiling water. Exactly 5 minutes must elapse from the moment of immersion to the moment of readiness.

8. Remove the bags from the pan and hang them again for cooling, so that poached eggs do not lose their shape.

Allowed a minute or two to stabilize the eggs should not be wasted. At this time, you need to prepare greens, fresh vegetables, grill the bun and - enjoy delicious poached eggs!