Hand generator with ionistors for starting the engine

Using this drive with manual recharging, you can start the car engine when the main battery is low. In addition, this device can power various inverters with loads, LED lamps, charge smartphones, etc. It does not require maintenance and is always ready to go.

This drive has two huge advantages:

  • It is equipped with a hand-held generator, with which you can fully charge it anytime, anywhere.

  • Second, the device is built on ionistors (supercapacitors), and they, unlike rechargeable batteries, do not require any maintenance, are capable of discharging to zero, they are tolerant at low temperatures. Therefore, such a thing can be thrown into a secluded place and it will lie there until it is needed, and as needed, it will be accurate ready for the loads.

Will need

  • Handheld generator 1500 mA (20 W), purchased on Aliexpress .

  • A bar with 6 ionistors and a balanced protection bar, also purchased on Aliexpress .

In general, it can, of course, be assembled separately, by first purchasing supercapacitors and a protection board.

For the case used thick plywood fastened with self-tapping screws.

We collect the drive with manual recharging

So let's get started. According to the size of the board, we determine the dimensions of the future case.

Next, we cut out all the parts on the machine or manually with a hacksaw.

We drill a hole under the generator and fix it.

We assemble the side parts of the body.

The handle was included, screw it onto the shaft.

Be sure to connect the generator to the ionistors through the diode and check whether charging is in progress. Do not reverse the polarity if you intend to repeat something like that.

The charge is on. We’ll plug a cigarette lighter socket into the side wall so that other consumers can be fed.

We turn on the cigarette lighter parallel to the entire battery, also pay attention to the polarity carefully.

To check, insert a USB converter and a 5 Volt LED bulb into the USB socket.

Everything works without problems. Now the input is a more capacious load: the connected inverter is loaded with an electric drill, with which we drill holes for screws in the same case.

The top cover is made of transparent plexiglass. The terminals are screwed on it like a car battery. Solder wires from them to supercapacitors.

And close the lid, fixing everything with screws.


Charge the battery to full.

This will take about 3-7 minutes. The generator provides approximately 1.5 A in load. By the way, it is not possible to charge capacitors with a voltage of more than 15.8 V, since the balanced protection board works well. At the same time, when this or that section is fully charged, then on the opposite side of it, on the board, the LED lights up.

Remove the old battery from the car.

We put our drive.

The car is launched without unnecessary difficulties. With ionistors it is quite possible to ride without reinstalling the battery.

Now consider other uses. We already talked about the inverter with a drill. About the 5V bulb too.

But how long will it burn?

Over an hour! And it still shines well. You can charge the phone at the same time.

And if you insert an extra bright 12 V flashlight into the socket?

That will turn out a super flashlight.