How to repair worn jeans

In some people, the constitution of the body is designed in such a way that jeans are rubbed around the inner seam very quickly. The trousers themselves are still almost new, and the fabric in this place has already become thinner and is about to threaten to tear.

You can repair worn jeans, and even do it yourself. To do this, sew small pieces of nonwoven onto the denim from the inside. It is this material that is convenient in that it can be glued before sewing. This will securely fix the patch, preventing it from popping. There are no wrinkles during stitching.

Threads for work should be chosen as similar as possible to denim. To do this, it is even better to go to the store with trousers. It is then that the darn will not be completely visible to the prying eye.

Materials for work:

  • non-woven;

  • threads to match the fabric;

  • sewing machine;

  • iron;

  • scissors.

Work instructions

Two pieces are cut out of the non-woven fabric. Their sizes should be several centimeters larger than the rubbed sections on jeans.

We attach pieces of non-woven fabric to the wrong side, on top of the abrasion. The glue side put on the fabric. Iron with a hot iron, the non-woven fabric will stick to the jeans.

We fill in the machine with a blue (matching the jeans) thread. The bobbin should have the same thread, but you can use a close one (black for dark fabric, white for light blue). We will sew on the front side.

We begin to lay the lines from the seam to the place where the worn area ends. The seam should match the direction of the pattern on the denim. Using the lever of the sewing machine “reverse”, we lay the line in the opposite direction, returning to the seam of the product.

We lay the lines as close to each other as possible. In this way, we sew the entire wiped area.

From the wrong side it will look as follows.

Cut off non-sewn sections of non-woven fabric with scissors close to the stitch.

The repaired jeans look neat, and the fabric at the place of the darn is tight and reliable.

Darn jeans with your own hands was very simple, and your favorite thing will last for more than one month.