Replacing fishing line in trimmer

Soon, the time will come to mow the grass on your site or near the house. Mostly, for this, gas trimmers (scythes) are used. In the role of the cutting unit, they use nylon line. It rotates at high speeds and perfectly cuts thin grass.

When working, it naturally wears out and after a while the brushcutter coil becomes empty. But this does not matter, it can be supplemented with a new one. If you bought a trimmer with a tacked line, then you naturally do not know how to put a new line in a reel. How to do this and prepare your instrument for the new season I will show in this master class.

Will need

  • Fishing line for trimmer - it is called that and has a specific purpose.

  • Nippers.

In principle, everything. Nippers are not a problem to find at home, and fishing line is sold in gardening stores.

How to replace a fishing line in a trimmer

By the way, there is not one way to fill the fishing line into the reel, but this, I assure you, is the easiest and most reliable.

Let's get started. For convenience, removes the mowing head from the braid. With a rag, we clear it of adhering grass residues.

We unwind the required amount of fishing line from the skein - this distance depends on many factors: the braid manufacturer (namely, the volume of the reel), the thickness of the purchased fishing line. To get started, take a length of 2-3 meters. And bite it off with wire cutters.

Next, bend it in half so that one end is approximately 15 centimeters larger than the other.

Put the middle on the spike between the grooves.

We will conduct winding simultaneously in both directions. We wind the fishing line and fix it temporarily in the grooves.

The winding direction is indicated on the spool by an arrow.

Then we pass the mustache through the holes in the top cover. We dress it on the base and snap it.

All. It is worth a try once and the next time you will do everything with almost closed eyes.

We put the bobbin on the trimmer and proceed to mow.

If the edges of the fishing line are too long, they can be bitten off with wire cutters to the desired length.