Simple doll - motanka for fun kids

In the most ancient times, when there were no telephones and computers, designer dolls and dresses, our great-grandmothers packed rags and old clothes into chests. In the evenings, grandchildren asked grandmother to tell a fairy tale. Successfully complemented the story of the doll - motanka, made by hand, without a needle.

Many legends and beliefs are associated with her.

Especially for making dolls beautiful shreds, ribbons and ribbons were put aside. Since in ancient times, fabrics were not replete with such diversity as they are now, each piece was worth its weight in gold.

A prerequisite was - do not indicate the face of the doll. It was believed that if you depict the eyes of a toy, then the spirit (good or bad) is instilled into it. There is another important rule - you need to wind the threads counterclockwise. And the rest, the craftswomen fantasized as they wanted.

Now let's try to make our own unique chrysalis - motanka. We need: pieces of fabric, cotton, bobbin thread, scissors, beads and ribbons for decoration.

1. Take a small flap of dense tissue of rectangular shape, rough texture, as it should hold the shape well (Fig. 2). Roll it into a roll.

Fold in half.

This will be the blank under the torso.

2. We will form a neck with our fingers, fix it with threads.

3. Carefully wrap the head of a cotton doll.

4. Cut a square of light calico. The length of the diagonal is approximately the height of the doll.

Fold the scarf.

5. In the scarf, we put the blank. Connect the head, trunk and triangle. Again, we strengthen the neck with threads, winding counterclockwise.

6. At the free ends of the scarf we lay small cotton balls, doll hands.

We fix with threads and straighten the sleeves.

7.Fingers highlight the waist. Again, fasten with threads.

8. Separately, cut a rectangle of colorful lightweight fabric. Fold the skirt. Wrap it with threads. Tighten tight.

7. What is a beauty without apron? Dress them with a doll. You can decorate it with braid.

8. On the head we will tie a scarf.

The doll is decorated at the discretion of the master. Various beads and ribbons, beautiful pieces of fabric. The peculiarity of the motanka is that it is done without a single seam, they sit at work only in a good mood, investing only positive energy.

It remains to come up with a special fairy tale and show to children. The great thing is that such characters can be made endless.

Be sure, children raised in fairy tales, with heroes made by the hands of loving parents, will never forget such special games. And they will pass on this heritage to their children.