Beads from old wooden checkers

I think that many houses have wooden checkers, which no one has played for a long time due to the fact that they are confused and the remaining amount is now not enough. Finding a box with checkers from my grandmother on a shelf, I had a wonderful idea - to make wonderful beads out of them. After making sure that my grandmother didn’t need them anymore, I proceeded to realize what I had planned.

To create wonderful beads it took me:

- a lot of pin - iron sticks with a loop at one end;

- 7 checkers;

- several different in size and color of wooden beads;

- a small chain;

- natural stones for the pendant.

From the materials I needed:

- nippers;

- pliers;

- awl.

The first thing I did was make blanks from checkers. Gently pushing the checker with an awl, I made holes on both sides. After that, I inserted the pins into the holes made and rolled them so that the two loops are connected, and a reliable fastening is obtained. Then she did the same with all the wooden beads. If the wooden beads are too large, it is better to separate them on both sides with hugs, then they will not stagger and in general their appearance will be more aesthetic.

We begin the assembly of our beads. We take a light saber and insert a ring into the prepared mount. With it, we connect a checker with a chain.

To the opposite end of our chain we attach another checker for symmetry.

Then, to the second mount on the checker, we again cling to the ring and hang a small, light wooden bead. Next, with the help of the ring, we catch a large dark bead and again a small light one. We complete the composition with a dark saber.

Similarly, make the next gap and end it with a light saber. Next, we make the pendant. To the holes made on the sides of the checker, I added two more next to one of them. In these holes I hung chains of multi-colored natural stones.

We hook the pendant with the help of a ring to a large dark bead, and we hang it from a small bead. In the same ring that connected the large and small beads we cling to the second light bead and finish the other side symmetrical to the first bead.

It turned out wonderful ethno-beads that will suit perfectly with any clothes. Can be worn with beige or brown items, and with a white T-shirt and jeans. You can experiment in different ways.

You can combine two-color checkers with colored wooden beads, then they will play fun and add mood to your everyday wardrobe.