Case for smartphone

If you want to distinguish yourself in front of friends and colleagues or just in front of relatives, then a crocheted cover is what you need. Such covers, cases and handbags for smartphones are an ideal option for modern fashionistas who want something unique and original. Today I want to introduce you to one of the models of covers crocheted. A phased implementation of the product will help you to knit the cover on your own.

For work you need:

- two colors of yarn from 100% cotton, mercerized cotton is also suitable;

- scissors;

- hook 1.00 mm.

1. Measure your smartphone and dial as many loops as necessary to completely close the smartphone in width. I got 25 loops.

We knit in one color of yarn.

2. We start to knit crochet posts.

At the turn of knitting, we knit 9 crochet stitches in one loop. 50 + 18 loops come out. This number of loops will be unchanged throughout the knitting of the entire product.

3. The next row we knit columns without. All knitting should look like in the photo.

4. Then we knit another row with single crochet.

5. Attach the yarn of a different color, leave the thread at work. We start knitting according to the scheme: 2 single crochet, 3 single crochet stretched from 1 row of knitting.

We knit the next row just Art. without nak. same color.

6. Take the thread of the previous yarn and begin to knit according to the drawing.

7. You should get 6 rows as in the photo.

8. We continue to knit, as in the previous stages.

9. At the height of the length of the smartphone, we perform double crochet, from 1 air. loop.

We finish knitting with two rows of single crochet.

10. Next, we perform knitting lace. To do this, gain 60 air. loops, and the next row we knit a table. single crochet.

11. And now you have your smartphone case ready.

A little patience and you will succeed. Good luck