5 minutes of golden potatoes in the microwave

And you believe that you can cook potatoes in just 5 minutes? Then by all means try making the potatoes in the microwave in a bag. To give the dish a golden color and a unique aroma, it is good to use natural spices, turmeric and smoked paprika, although seasonings can be chosen to your taste. Just chop the potatoes and put them in a baking bag. The microwave oven will do the rest in a matter of minutes. The potatoes in the microwave in the bag are soft, delicate and very aromatic. Be sure to try it.


  • potato 500 g

  • ground turmeric 0.25 tsp

  • ground smoked paprika 0.25 tsp

  • olive oil 10 ml.

  • a mixture of dry Italian herbs 0.25 tsp

  • a pinch of salt.

How to cook potatoes in the microwave

Prepare everything you need. Peel and wash the potatoes.

Cut the tubers in such pieces so that they can be eaten at a time. Fold in a baking bag, which for convenience put in a deep plate suitable for microwave.

Pour ground spices, turmeric and smoked paprika, a mixture of Italian herbs, salt there.

Pour in olive oil.

Twist the package, mix intensively and mash with your hands so that the spices are evenly distributed throughout the volume of the potatoes.

Place a plate of potatoes in the microwave. It is important not to tighten the bag tightly, but simply twist its free end several times and hide it down. This will allow the steam, which will be collected internally during cooking, to freely exit. Otherwise, the bag may simply explode due to increasing pressure.

Set the maximum power, in this case it is 800 W, the time is 5 minutes. Cook by periodically opening the door and releasing accumulated steam. The package will still inflate. But, if there are enough openings for steam to escape, it will deflate within a couple of seconds. So in the process, you can’t go far from the microwave, looking through the viewing window and opening the door every 30-50 seconds.

At the end of time, carefully, trying not to get burned, try pressing on a piece of potato right inside the bag, if it is firm, you can add another 1-2 minutes. In any case, the finished potatoes in the microwave in the bag must be left inside the switched off microwave oven for a couple of minutes. So the dish will become more flavorful.

Serve hot, in addition to offer one or more sauces.