How to turn old pallets into a beautiful coffee table

This ordinary piece of furniture made of unusual materials can not only fulfill its direct functions, but can also become a real decoration of the interior of any room, especially decorated under a loft.

For its manufacture does not require a lot of experience with wood, a lot of time and significant cost. The table can be made of auxiliary materials, for example, a pallet. If you approach the work creatively, you get a unique product.

Will need

In addition to the two pallets that we decided to take as the basis of the coffee table, we need to prepare or purchase the following additional materials:

  • tempered glass with a thickness of at least 6 mm;

  • furniture rollers;

  • rubber damping pads;

  • different screws;

  • clear varnish.

Since pallets are mainly used for transporting and storing various materials and products, a lot of work remains to give them a presentation. Therefore, we must have at hand the following tools: a grinder with grinding wheels; sand paper; drill and set of drills; file and screwdriver; brush and container for varnish; hacksaw on wood.

The process of making a coffee table

First, we determine the mutual arrangement of pallets, because the final result depends on this. We place them so that a more even surface is on top, and below the elements of the pallet ensure reliable installation of the rollers.

Before bonding the pallet, we check and strengthen the weakly holding elements with nails or screws and check that the fastener caps do not protrude. If this occurs, use a hammer and file.

Getting to grinding surfaces. With the help of a grinder and a grinding wheel we remove all kinds of deposits, round sharp edges and smooth out various irregularities. With a rough skin, we fix the places remaining unprocessed after the grinder. At the end, we give the surfaces smoothness with soft sandpaper, especially those that will be visible.

We proceed to varnishing pallets. First, we cover all surfaces with one layer, regardless of their location. Letting the first layer dry, apply the second, and then the third. Moreover, for economy, we impose three layers only on the front surfaces, two on the side and one on the back.

We fasten the pallets, turning them 180 degrees, using ten screws, four of which we screw evenly along the edges and two in the middle. So that the wood does not burst, we first make holes for the screws with a drill, the diameter of which is less than the diameter of the shaft of the screws.

We install four rollers in the corners with the help of screws with a large head. We place the casters with brakes diagonally. So our table can be moved from place to place and fixed, if necessary.

We order tempered glass with a thickness of at least 6 mm of such dimensions that it completely covers the plane of the upper pallet. To prevent the glass from moving from the base at the corners, we put rubber damping pads, with which the blow is softened when closing the furniture doors.

You can estimate how much such a table will cost: two old small pallets - 400 rubles, tempered 6-mm glass of 0.5 square meters. m - 700 rubles, four furniture castors - 1600 rubles. Total: 2700 rubles.