Textile dog

Childhood is a very important and special time. While the child is small, he can be quickly and easily taught anything. You can start, as they say, with diapers and do not worry that the child will be difficult. If you present training in the form of a game, it will not be difficult, but rather very interesting. In today's workshop I want to talk about how to sew an unusual educational toy for my baby.

So we need:

- A fabric of different colors to make it more interesting for the baby to play.

- Needle and thread matching fabric color.

- Various locks: buttons, hooks, buttons, zippers, snap hooks and so on.

- Sintepon for stuffing.

- Scissors.

We will do the dachshund, she has a long body, which can be divided into several parts, connected by locks. We'll figure out what parts will be. Head and ass, two parts with legs, and two parts for the abdomen. In total, six separate parts of the body are obtained. Parts of the abdomen and those with paws will be rectangular in shape. The head and butt will be rounded and of different sizes.

We begin to cut the workpiece. We cut out the legs, the rectangular part and the parts for connecting the parts.

First we sew the legs and fasteners. Then paste from the rectangle and gently stitch it. We stuff the resulting detail with a synthetic winterizer. It should turn out soft and dense enough to keep the shape.

In exactly the same way, we cut, cut and stitch the remaining rectangular parts.

You’ll have to tinker a bit with your head. First cut and cut out two symmetrical parts of the head. Make a cut for the mouth and sew a zipper into it. After that, make the ears and fastener. Gently suturing the head, insert the ears and fasteners into it and stitch it in small steps. Remember to fill with a padding polyester before completely stitching the two parts of the head. When it is ready, sew on one side of the eyes.

Now the most important part - we begin to sew on locks. Choose their location yourself.

My head is attached to the part with legs with Velcro, then there are buttons, followed by buttons, eyelets and hooks. It turns out here is such a soft and informative toy that will not bore your baby for a long time.

The fabric can be different not only in color, but also in texture. In this case, the child will not only learn locks, but will also learn to distinguish fabrics by touch.