How to clean sandpaper

When processing various materials such as wood, plexiglass or plastic, the abrasive surface of sandpaper quickly clogs. Replacing it with a new one is very expensive, and further use is not possible. With large-scale work, this is truly a big problem. This trick, which will be discussed now, will help you save enough money on supplies. Of course, all consumables have their own life, but this master class will help you use them one hundred percent.

This cleaning method is suitable for any sandpaper, whether it is attached to a manual grinding block or is located on a special grinding machine.

Getting started cleaning sandpaper

To admit, I accidentally discovered this life hack when I was trying to bring to life a sand-filled grinding wheel made of wood.

I took a piece of recycled rubber mat and simply tried to grind it.

As a result, the adhering inclusions on the circle began to fall away. The surface was getting new, as if it had never been clogged.

I have been using this method for more than one year and am very pleased with the result. Here, for example, the grinder cleans up in a couple of seconds.

The same piece of rubber.

Rubber does not stick to sandpaper. She grinds away taking with herself the spent material in the deep pores of the abrasive. And the result is a clean tape.

I think you know very well how much the new tape for such a machine will cost.

The good news is that you don’t need to buy anything extra for cleaning, everything can be found in any workshop.

As a cleaning material, rubber, silicone, rubberized soles from shoes have worked well.

Therefore, sandpaper can well be cleaned and brought back to life.

If you have your own methodology for solving this problem, please describe it in the comments.

I strongly recommend that you experiment, because this method will help you save a lot of money.