Homemade silencer for motokosa

Everyone knows this terrible sound of a working trimmer, it annoys not only the mower himself, but everyone around him. It’s worthwhile to work as a scythe even for a short time and this ringing just stands in your ears. This disadvantage was formed as a result of the use of a miniature silencer in its composition. I decided to make my own remote silencer for the trimmer, to significantly reduce the noise level produced by it.

The first thing to do is record the sound of the old, built-in instance, so that later you can compare it with the new exhibit.

The level just went wild. Incredibly loud, especially near. The sound is sharp, high, sawing, disgustingly vile and annoying.

Will need

  • Steel tube 20-25 mm in diameter.

  • A piece of steel pipe is 80-100 mm in diameter and 120-150 mm long.

  • Glass wool.

  • Steel rectangle 3-5 mm thick.

Making a muffler for a trimmer

We will manufacture a simple exhaust pipe silencer.

We put the pipe on a steel strip and spray it with aerosol red so that the pipe leaves the outline.

We cut out two rounds with a grinder.

We drill a hole in both. The diameter is the same for a thin tube.

In a thin tube, we retreat from one edge of about 50 mm and drill holes in the scatter at a distance of a large cylinder.

We insert the tube into the hole of one round piece. We make welding.

We put on a large cylinder and weld it to the round piece.

We stuff glass wool inside. It is not necessary to press strongly, and it should not move freely inside.

We put on the second round and scald.

We grind the whole structure.

Next, you need to connect this muffler to the engine in exchange for the old one.

Remove the standard muffler.

We lean it against a strip of steel to notice the working holes.

We drill one large and two small holes.

From another thin tube we make an oblique saw cut at a distance of 35-40 mm.

Weld at a right angle.

Weld to a rectangle with holes.

We weld our pipe to the main muffler.

We grind everything with a grinder. Type of finished silencer.

Temporarily install the muffler in place for inspection. We start the trimmer and listen to the work.

In the protective cover of the trimmer, cut the grooves for a new muffler.

We temporarily install and verify that nothing interferes.

We paint and install permanently a silencer instead of a regular one.

Now motokosa works much quieter. The sound became lower in timbre, smoother, and, of course, lower in level. Using the tool has become more comfortable and more pleasant.