Dust canister

Almost every circular saw has an outlet for ejecting chips during operation. Usually a fence is connected to it from a specialized vacuum cleaner designed for collecting large amounts of technical waste.

Naturally, most joiners do not have such an expensive vacuum cleaner. But there is a simpler way out of this situation: to use a plastic canister as a dust collector.

Will need

  • Thin-walled plastic canister with a wide neck. Typically, these are used for water or milk.

  • PVC adapter.

  • The coupling is any of the available.

    Making a dust bag from a plastic canister

    A dust collector will be manufactured for such a circular saw.

    She throws the chips through the pipe.

    In addition to shavings, it is necessary to ensure a gentle movement of air. To do this, drill small holes at the base in one side with a thin drill.

    Under the neck of the canister, you must choose an adapter of the appropriate diameter. With today's choice in plumbing stores, it's not at all difficult. We put the adapter on the canister.

    Now, to connect all this to a circular saw, you need to use a rubber coupler. It also needs to be picked up.

    For reliable connection of the canister with a PVC adapter, glue the connection with hot glue.

    We put our dust collector on the outlet nozzle of the saw.

    And, we try to work.

    Nothing gets in the way of a friend. Even more convenient than with a hose from a vacuum cleaner.

    And here is the result. Almost all the chips settled in the canister.

    Such a dust bag can be easily removed and put on. You can use it anywhere. And in the role of a canister, a plastic transparent bottle from under the water, naturally with its selected adapters and couplings, is also suitable.

    Be sure to use thin-walled containers in the example, since they are lightweight and will not create an unnecessary load on the tool, and will hold firmly without being flown from the nozzle.

    This and other useful solutions for the joiner, see the video.