Baby stroller

If you are faced with the problem of choosing a gift for a holiday dedicated to the bride of a newborn baby, then do not despair, there is always a way out, but in this case it is very interesting and original! Of course, it is best to give preference to a gift in the form of several notes, it is better in foreign currency. But in order to present such a gift unforgettably and beautifully, you will need a “Stroller for Samples”, the master class of which is posted in this article:

For the creative process, we need the following:

1. Paper (thick) or soft cardboard (colors to your taste);

2. Glue a pencil;

3. Scissors and stationery knife:

4. The line;

5. A simple pencil and erase;

6. Toothpick or thin stick (for the handle of the stroller);

7. Braid, ribbons, rhinestones are all that may be needed for decoration;

8. A little patience, a stock of good mood and 60 minutes of free time for creativity.

We have stocked up with the necessary materials, now I propose to completely plunge into the magical process of creativity and needlework:

To begin with, to facilitate further work, I advise you to make all the necessary patterns for the future stroller.

In our case, the following sizes will be used:

Semicircle Ø 10 cm - 2 pieces;

Semicircle Ø 12 cm - 2 pieces;

Strips 2 * 18 cm - 9 pieces;

Strips of 0.5 * 10 cm - 12 pieces;

Rectangle 9 * 15 cm - 1 piece;

We cut everything out slowly, diligently and accurately. If all the elements are ready, then we begin to collect our stroller. We bend 1 cm of the edge on both sides of the rectangle and make the same cuts, as in the photo. We do this for convenience, so that it is easy to give the rectangle a semicircular shape of a stroller.

If you noticed, then the edges of the semicircles, large in size, and two stripes, we decorated with waves. This can not be done. We trust our taste.

The next step, we collect all the details, fasten the roof, wheels.

Inside the stroller we make a cradle, cover the bottom with colorful colored paper.

We attach cardboard handles to the stroller, between which we fix a toothpick or a stick that is suitable in size.

We decorate the sides of the stroller, where the roof is attached, with ribbons from ribbons or paper flowers.

Our "Stroller for exploration" is ready. Place a cash gift or souvenir in the cradle. It would be great to see a Kinder surprise in such a makeshift stroller, it is very relevant and symbolic.

I want to say the main thing: do not be afraid of experiments, create and enjoy the process! Good luck