Interior decor with butterflies

The use of such decorative elements as paintings, panels, appliques help give open walls a complete look and create comfort in the room. However, there is a less expensive and more original way of decorating the wall - the design of volumetric butterflies made of paper. Making such a composition with your own hands will allow you not only to show your creative abilities, but also to give the interior a special zest.

In order to make voluminous butterflies, you will need quite a bit:

• color thick double-sided paper;

• pencil;

• scissors.

The color of the paper is best selected taking into account the main palette of your interior. Having prepared the necessary materials, you can begin to work.

Butterfly making.

In order to make butterflies you need to cut out small squares from paper, fold them in half and draw with a pencil the outline of one of the sides of the future butterfly as shown in the photo. Next, armed with scissors, you should cut the butterfly along the outlined lines and straighten it. Similarly, butterflies of various sizes and shapes can be cut.

Decoration with butterflies.

Using double-sided tape, attach the finished butterflies to the wall, creating an interesting composition. You can arrange the butterflies in a certain sequence or create the effect of free flight.

Thus, you can arrange a nursery or hallway. And you can decorate with butterflies not only a wall, but also a closet, for example.

The advantage of this decor is originality, efficiency and ease of manufacture. The process of creating butterflies is easy and interesting, and therefore this master class is an excellent pastime with children, developing fine motor skills in a child, creative thinking and love of beauty.