New Year carafe

In order to create such an original decanter for the New Year, you should be patient and with the necessary materials. You can use any container at your discretion. Any beautiful bottle will do. In this workshop, ordinary acrylic paints and waterproof varnish were used to cover glass and metal products.

1. We will need:

• Beautiful bottle.

• Acrylic paint.

• Varnish fixer.

• A piece of dishwashing sponge.

• Sequins.

• Paper.

2. Cut out patterns from a sheet of paper. Horse silhouette and numbers 2014.

3. Glue the template temporarily on the bottle. We do it with water. Wet, not much paper, blot excess drops. Let it dry slightly.

4. Apply paint to the sponge and begin to stain the carafe.

5. Apply the sponge along the edge of the template. We go a little to the template, it's not scary. We try not to make sudden movements so as not to peel off the paper.

6. On the other side of the bottle, glue the numbers with water. The numbers can be arranged both vertically and horizontally. It all depends on how much free space you have left. Repeat the same paint application procedure. Since the numbers are very small, the paper begins to depart almost immediately from the frequent touch of a sponge. Therefore, we recommend making a minimum of sponge movements.

7. By this time, the paint on the other side of the decanter will dry out slightly and it will be possible to gently remove the paper horse template.

8. This is how the numbers look after removing the paper. Set the carafe until the paint is completely dry.

9. Apply glue along the edge of the carafe. You can do without glue, and apply the decoration to wet paint.

10. Pour spangles.

11. We fix everything with varnish. We do this in a well-ventilated area. We apply varnish from a spray can from a distance of 20-25 cm. You can use a decanter after drying the varnish.

12. A wonderful New Year decanter is ready.