Knitted Hippo

Knitting is a pleasant activity that perfectly relaxes and distracts from everyday fuss. When there is a desire to craft, an idea that can be realized is not always immediately generated. Today I want to give you one interesting thought - tie a cute hippo as a gift to a child or your friend. Now I will tell you how to do it.

What you should have for knitting a hippo:

• A small reed of gray thread. You can choose any color, I wanted to make a more real hippo, but it doesn’t matter at all, experiment.

• Knitting hook that matches the thickness of the thread.

• Scissors, needle and thread.

• Sintepuh for stuffing our hippo.

• Black large beads or small beads to make the hippo eyes.

All the details, except for the hippo's nose, we will start with the Amigurumi loop. Since the nose is slightly different, I will explain how to knit it. The rest you will knit about the same, except for the first row. We knit five air loops and one lifting. We knit these loops in a circle, with the addition on the sides.

Next, we knit three more rows, adding two columns from the corners.

Now we knit without addition three more rows. The rest of the details fit together, but instead of air loops, you will need to make an Amigurumi loop and tie it with five or six columns. Here is the Amigurumi loop.

In total, you should get 9 parts - 2 legs, 2 arms, body, head, 2 ears and a nose.

We fill all the parts with syntepuh and sew together. Sew on the eyes, make a black thread nostrils and a smile, as well as a navel and you're done.

It turns out here is such a charming hippo. It is not a shame to present such a toy for a birthday or just to please its loved one.