DIY night vision device from a mobile phone

A simple refinement of any mobile phone with a camera will turn it into a night vision device (NVD), capable of working and recording video in complete darkness, without the slightest light source.

These NVDs use infrared emitters for illumination; their spectrum is not visible to the human eye. And to detect this glow, special video cameras are used that receive infrared (IR) light (cathode ray tubes were used in old night vision devices).

Our unit will work on the same principle: we will modify the camera so that it perceives infrared rays. And equip the phone with IR illumination.

Will need

  • An old or unnecessary mobile phone (not necessarily a smartphone). Any model with a camera in normal and functional condition will do.

  • An adapter with a mini USB connector that can be connected to the phone and remove power from its battery.

  • Infrared LEDs in the ring from a night vision camera - Ali Express.

    It is quite possible to solder a home-made line of IR LEDs.

How to make a night vision device from a smartphone

We disassemble the mobile phone. Our goal is a camcorder.

In this model the camera is removable, this will simplify the task of finalizing it.

Carefully disconnect the cable from the general board.

And take out the camera.

Peel off the protective mesh.

The top cover of the camera is soldered on four legs, we solder them one by one.

And remove the top cover with a lens.

Before us is a matrix protected by an infrared filter.

Carefully remove it with the help of a sharp object such as a clerical knife.

The infrared filter for a reflection gives a red glow, do not mix it up. Such filters are installed in all cameras, excluding hits on the matrix of invisible light in the infrared range.

Putting it all in reverse order. Solder the legs.

We install the camera back, connect the loop.

We collect the phone, install the battery in the wrong place.

Next, take the adapter and bite off an unnecessary outlet from it.

Solder the wires from the USB connector to the ring of IR LEDs. On them, from the phone, 5 V power will be supplied, from which the LEDs will be powered.

We attach the ring to double-sided tape to the body.

We connect the connector.

The night vision device is ready.

Work check

Checking the instrument in complete darkness.

You can take pictures, record videos, etc.