Decoupage napkin boxes

Very often come across boxes with which I do not want to part. And they lie until you come up with their application. So this time. Napkins are long over, and throw the box, the hand did not rise. And good. Because it came out of a beautiful New Year-style pencil stand.

Make it not difficult. In addition to patience, you will need:

• an empty box from napkins;

• white and red acrylic paints;

• wide and thin brushes (soft);

• glue brush (hard);

• PVA glue;

• napkin for decoupage;

• scissors.

To begin with, it is necessary to tear off the core from the box, which did not pass wipes. After it is better to wipe it on all sides with alcohol. This will remove grease and dust so that the paint coats the surface evenly. White paint must be opened all six sides three times. In addition, each layer should dry well.

While the box dries, you can prepare drawings. The napkin is cut into necessary parts and disconnected from the two lower layers. Having distributed the picture on the box, you can proceed to decoupage.

We place the drawing on the surface and cover it with glue on top. A stiff brush with artificial villi is well suited for this. You need to lubricate by moving the brush from the middle to the edges so that there are no air bubbles under the picture.

After drying, the work can be corrected with acrylic paints, sparkles. Also, the work can be varnished, so that it lasts longer.

Since this box was designed for pencils, I had to reduce its bottom. To do this, crumpled sheets of paper were placed inside, and a piece of padding polyester was placed on top. So pencils will always be at hand, the box is at hand, and its design will help to decorate the room in the New Year's style.

In addition to pencils, in such a box you can store handkerchiefs, small toys, small balls of thread, candy and much more. The main thing is that there is such a box in the house, and everyone will decide what to put into it.