Kids really love cute stuffed animals. And toys made by mother’s hands are especially expensive. You can also please your baby by stitching a cute ginger kitten.

For work you will need: white and orange fleece, cotton wool, scissors, needle, thread, ruler, red button, bright ribbon, black beads or ready-made eyes for toys.

Cut a rectangle measuring 21 x 8 cm from an orange fleece.

Fold the rectangle in half.

Sew on the sides with a lower seam.

Unscrew the bag. This will be the main detail - the head and body of a kitten.

Sew corners in the upper part of the main part - these will be the ears.

Fill the main part with cotton.

Cut from a fleece of orange color a circle with a diameter of 4 cm.

Carefully sew a circle with a buttonhole seam at the bottom of the main part.

Make a neck, for this, approximately in the middle, stitch the main part, slightly tightening the thread.

From a white fleece, cut a circle with a diameter of 5 x 5 cm and sew to the head. This will be the kitten's face.

Sew a convex red button in the center of the muzzle - it will be a nose. Down from the spout, make a few stitches with a red thread, highlighting the cheeks. Glue the finished eyes for toys or sew on black beads.

From an orange fleece, cut a rectangle measuring 13 x 7 cm. Fold the rectangle in half in length and slightly round it with scissors from one edge. Gently stitch on the side with a lowercase seam, leaving one edge unstitched for stuffing with cotton. It will be a tail.

Fill the tail with cotton (not very tight).

Sew a tail in the lower part of the kitten's body.

Tie a kitten a bow from a bright ribbon.

The soft toy is ready. Present it to your child, however, and adults will be delighted with such a souvenir.