How to change a wheel without a jack

Every motorist knows how important it is to be prepared on the road. However, different situations happen in life, and the same jack is not always at hand. Well, punctures on the road will not surprise anyone at all. Is it possible to change a wheel without a jack, and how to do it on your own?

In fact, in this situation, there is nothing unusual. You can’t foresee everything, so you have to get out of a difficult situation, and sometimes alone. Most often this happens to the front wheels. If the wheel is flat, but it is not chewed and the tire is whole, you can try the following method of replacing it with a spare wheel.

Step-by-step instructions for replacing a wheel without a jack

Inflate the wheel with the pump to the maximum possible normal state.

While it keeps pumping for some time, we substitute a few bricks under the axle beam or the pivot arm, and insert a small section of the board into it. It can be used by the way as a locking shoe to block the movement of the wheels. Stands should be stable, because if the car jumps off them, then it will be very difficult to repeat what was started.

We lower the inflated air at the reserve. At the same time, release four nuts on the wheel mounting studs. Useful balloon L-shaped or key-cross.

At the punched wheel we release air, unscrewing the nipple. We carefully monitor that the car does not jump off our brick supports. Now you can completely unscrew the fixing nuts and remove the wheel.

We insert the spare tire in place of the wheel, and fasten it with fastening nuts. Tighten them well with a balloon wrench.

We pump up the pressure in the reserve with the pump.

When the car rises, it will be possible to take out our linings from under it. For them, by the way, wooden blocks of dense wood are suitable.

Good luck to everyone on the road!