Vase small candy box

Fancy weaving from paper tubes is a pleasant and affordable type of needlework. From them you can make a huge number of interesting and necessary things, enjoying the creativity. In the kitchen, such products will add color, cheer up and ... surprise guests.

To make a candy box we need to take:

• colored office paper;

• sharp knife;

• knitting needle;

• PVA glue;

• cardboard.

Stages of the work:

1. The vase consists of two parts: the stand and the base itself. Let's start with the stand. It is much smaller in size. For manufacturing, we need paper tubes, we will twist them with office paper. We take a sheet, fold it in half and cut it into strips with a sharp knife. Each of the obtained strips is cut again. We get 4 colored stripes. Next, do the required number of stripes.

2. From each strip of the workpiece, twist the tube with a spoke. We closely monitor the angle between the strip and the spoke.

3. The tubes are ready.

4. We start weaving stand. First, glue 4 tubes crosswise.

5. Next, glue the working tube to the middle. It needs to be slightly moistened to make it easier to twist.

6. We make a loop and fix it with glue.

7. We begin to weave. We start a working tube under one of the tubes of the base stand.

8. We braid it from above and start it on the second neighboring tube.

9. Now we start the working tube under the second tube of the base of the stand, braid it and display over the third.

10. So we continue to weave in a circle.

11. Do not forget to build up the working tube when it ends. To do this, insert the thin end, greased with glue, into the thick one.

12. Weave almost to the top, at the same time forming a pyramid. In the process of weaving the tubes all the time we raise. If we do not do this, then instead of the pyramid we get a flat part.

13. Without finishing the centimeter 3, we stop. We fix the end of the duct with glue.

14. The protruding ends of the tubes of the base of the stand are cut diagonally with scissors. The stand must be stable.

15. Now we begin to weave the basis of the candy box. It should be larger in size. To do this, we merge two tubes to get one big one. Cooking 4 long tubes. Glue these tubes crosswise, as we did for the stand. Next, we repeat all the steps, starting from the fifth paragraph to the twelfth.

16. The ends of the tubes of the base of the vase must be carefully tucked in, forming a small loop, fixed with glue.

17. In order for the vase to be stable, glue cardboard circles to the bottom of both parts.

18. Glue together a stand and a base.

19. A candy vase is ready. We will not use any paints and varnishes, as direct contact with food is provided. That is why we made tubes of colored paper. We used sheets of the same color. You can try combining two or more shades. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment.