The device for fast weeding the garden

Weeds are just a real disaster for any summer resident and gardener. Weeding the beds manually is very painstakingly and dreary. If you use a little ingenuity and unnecessary trash from the storerooms of the home workshop, you can make an excellent adaptation for weeding the beds - a sort of manual cultivator. Easy to manufacture, it will protect your back from excessive loads and will cut weeds between the beds once or twice.

Will need

For the manufacture we need:

  • The rim of an old bike with a front axle fork;

  • A small segment of a professional pipe with a cross section of 20 mm;

  • Two pipes, diameter - 20-25 mm, length - 3 m;

  • Several rods, diameter - 7-10 mm;

  • Old wood hacksaw.

Of the tools we will use electric welding, a grinder (angle grinder) and hand tools for metal (pliers, a hammer, a marking tool). A grinding machine or grinding wheel for a grinder is also useful. So, let's get started ...

Production of weeding devices

After checking the wheel with the axle for proper operation, proceed to its upgrade.

We take a metal plate, cut the width of the forked part of the fork into two identical workpieces, and weld it by electric welding. This will be the protective cover and the base of our device. She will clean the ground stuck to the wheel.

We put the wheel with the fork vertically as it will be located in the direction of travel. We cut the metal pipe into meter billets and set it on the welded plate. At a convenient angle for your growth, you can grab both pipes to the bed with electric welding, at the same time connecting them first with a tack.

From the waste of the rod we make supports for both pipes. After all the details are fixed, scald them along the contour of the junction.

The excess part of the fork can be cut so as not to interfere with the movement.

From the remains of the pipe we make a transverse handle, so that it is more convenient to guide our device during operation.

Weld at an angle.

It was the turn to make a weeding knife. For him, we cut out a plate from an old hacksaw on a tree with a grinder, about 5-6 cm wide. The material is suitable, since the plate is not only stiff, but also elastic, which means it can adjust to the complex relief of the beds. We grind it on emery, and at the same time grind it from one edge.

From a regular plate and a 20 mm section of a pipe, we make a frame, welding a knife to it.

It must be calculated so that it is located 4-5 cm below the wheel. We fix the finished working structure by electric welding from the back of the bicycle fork.

Such a simple device for weeding can be easily made to fit your height, for example, make the handle curved, or adjust it in length. The main thing is that with him these tasks are easily and quickly solved, and working in the garden can be a pleasant pastime.

So, a photo of the finished cultivator for weeding:

Before use, the knife must be sharpened so that there are no problems with weeds. We will do this with a grinder, and bring with a grindstone.

How to weed?

It's simple: we put the device between the rows of beds with a chopper down. All the load goes to the wheel. And manually adjusting the lowering of the knife, we go forward by cutting off all the weeds with a blade.

The case is not tricky and very easy.