Homemade chopper for easy weeding

Each summer resident knows that the most difficult and ungrateful work in the garden is weeding. Enough light rain, and weeds begin to come out faster than the crop. And how well the beds look when they are well-groomed! To simplify this work, we propose to make such a simple device, in exchange for a conventional chopper, which will greatly facilitate the weeding of the garden.

Sometimes, in order to simplify manual labor, it is not necessary to invent space technologies. It is enough to collect several parts, adjust them to your height and arm, and you will get an excellent tool for a summer resident. So this time we’ll literally make scrap metal. But in the end, you will be surprised how useful they can be. Let's get started soon!

Chopper making - flat cutter

From a regular plate 3-4 cm wide, we will prepare a working knife of the device.

We cut the workpiece with a length of 20-25 cm, and sharpen it from one end.

This can be done on an emery or grinder with a grinding disc.

We clean the metal from rust, since it will need to be welded. Surely in any household there are scraps of metal bar. Today they are useful to us.

We saw off two pieces of 40 cm each, and bend them in a zigzag pattern to the center.

We weld them to the knife at an angle so that the knife has a slight inclination in horizontal projection.

Our device is still for manual labor, so we make the handle for it from a regular pipe. Combine the bent rods with the pipe and weld the connection with electric welding.

A transverse handle can be welded to the end of the handle.

Now we try to weed. We put the plane cutter on the ground with weeds and pull it towards us.

Thanks to a sharp knife, weeds are perfectly cut under the root. That's how easy and simple it is to make an excellent easy and functional replacement for a bulky chopper, a traditional tool for weeding the garden. Have a nice day and a good harvest!