Funny brooch - giraffe

Children like to cling to their things or backpacks funny toys or key chains. You can pamper your child and once a month or even a week make him a new toy - a brooch. In this workshop I will show you how to knit a giraffe, but by the same principle you can knit any other animals that your child loves. Let's get started!

To make a small brooch you must have:

• Threads for knitting the necessary colors.

• Scissors.

• Pin.

• Crochet hook.

• Sintepuh for stuffing.

Knitting begins with a set of air loops, we need 20 of them.

We loop the air loops in a circle. After the third column in a row, knit three single crochet into the fourth air loop. This will help make a bend that will become the head of a giraffe. In the same row, after 12 columns, 13 and 14, connect the air loops with one single crochet. We tie the remaining single crochet and go to the top, there, in places of narrowing and expansion, we knit everything the other way around. Where 3 single crochet knit in one air loop, we narrow and vice versa. You should get such a figure as in Tetris.

We knit the next row also, only in a place where, in theory, the body of a giraffe, we knit double crochet, instead of simple columns.

We knit another same part that will mirror the first, and we knit them together. We stuff the resulting body with syntepuh.

Sew a pin on one side.

We make specks - we knit small circles from the Amigurumi loop.

Sew the circles for the summer, make the eye of a giraffe and two stripes, which will be the nose of our toy. Legs are made of waxed cord or thread tied into a pigtail.

The result is such a funny giraffe that your child will definitely like, because it is so similar to the painted one, with its uneven outlines and a funny look.