Wool bunny

To create a toy hare, it took no more than 100 grams of gray wool, and a very small amount of yellow and pink.

In the process of felting, needles No. 60 and No. 45 were used.

To create a head, an amount of wool is taken, which fits in the palm of your hand.

Then, a needle with serifs No. 60 is inserted into the wool a large number of times, this happens until a dense ball is formed. The process of repeatedly piercing the wool with a needle is called stalling or stalling. In order for the ball to be round and even, it must be rotated evenly in the hands.

If a bump appears in some place, it can be corrected by adding more wool there.

On the head in the area of ​​the future face, apply a small amount of wool and roll it, giving shape. We make small indentations for the nose and eyes.

On top of the head and face we lay the yellow wool to decorate the hare.

Then we form a pink wool nose on a special sponge.

A sponge is needed in order to protect your fingers from injections with a needle. On one side of the pink ball-nose we leave a bunch of wool with which we will roll it to the face.

The next step will be felting ears on the sponge. An oval eye is formed from a small amount of wool.

In the case when the ear turned out to be large or uneven, the excess can be cut with scissors. On the upper side of the eyelet we also leave the wool for stalling with the head, and decorate the lower part with yellow wool so that they turn out in the same style with the head.

Glue beads in the recesses for the eyes.

Then we take the same amount of wool as for the head, and roll the body, giving it shape with hands. We also provide two recesses for handles. The next step is to roll the arms and legs. We give the hands a full form, because we will sew them to the body with thread. And at the legs, in the places of the feet, add the necessary amount of wool.

In addition, we leave wool at the thigh in order to get our legs over the body.

Getting to the assembly of the toy. There are two ways to fasten the head and body. The first way is to dump them together, in the same way as all the details. In this case, the head will be fixed. The second way is to sew a button on the head and through it fasten the head and body together with threads. Thus, the head will be able to turn. In this case, a small depression is made in the lower part of the head into which the button hides.

So that the hands of the toy can move, we sew them through the body with an ordinary thread. And the places where the thread is visible, we process with a needle No. 45. This needle fluffs the toy, pulling wool out of it. Then we give the final expression of the face, forming a mouth. To do this, take a thin flagellum made of wool and gently roll it. Then, with a thin pink layer of wool, give a blush on the cheeks and apply eyebrow paints. Although they can be made, like a mouth, of wool. The end result is such a toy.

Additionally, you can sew or tie a hare a set of clothes, thus assigning him, thus, gender. My child and I decided that it would be a girl-bunny and sewed her a vest with a skirt.