Valentine's Day Casket

Soon a wonderful holiday, Valentine's Day. If you want to please a loved one with a gift, but don’t know what to give. We offer you a master class on creating a box "Valentine's Day". The symbol of the day of all lovers is the heart. Let's make a heart-shaped box. Do-it-yourself gift is always nicer to give.

For work you will need:

- The plastic bottle is colored.

Packaging from yogurt.

- Food packaging.

- Scissors.

- The tape is transparent.

- Cardboard in white.

- Iron or electric stove with a smooth surface.

- Quick drying glue.

- Puncher or figured puncher.

For this craft you need a plastic bottle of any color. The color of the bottles can be: yellow, green, blue, brown, red, etc. The color of the box depends on the color of the bottle you have chosen. The shape of the bottle must be non-standard. The lid closes the box, so its diameter should be larger than the diameter of the box itself.

Cut out the base for the box from a narrower section of the bottle. From a wider area, cut out the lid.

We give the casket a heart shape: bend the base of the casket in half, then bend one side in the opposite direction. It turned out the heart. We also do it with a lid.

Round the top edge of the box cover. We heat the iron, put a sheet of white paper on top, then cover, hold it for a few seconds, pressing it to the iron. Instead of an iron, you can use an electric stove with a smooth surface. Strongly the stove should not be heated, "low fire" is sufficient. It is better if adults help the children in this process so as not to be injured or a fire.

The bottom of the box. We put the box on a sheet of paper, circle it with a pencil, cut it out. According to this template, cut out the bottom for the box from the package of transparent color.

Top cover. We put the box cover on a sheet of paper, circle with a pencil, cut out the top for the white cardboard cover according to this template.

Glue the bottom to the box using transparent tape on the inside.

Glue the top of the box to the lid using adhesive tape also on the inside.

Next, decorate the top of the lid. Using a hole punch, we make balls from a colored bottle, packaging from yogurt, and transparent packaging.

Glue the balls to the top of the lid in random order with quick-drying glue.

Gift box "Valentine's Day" is ready.

This heart-shaped box can easily replace a gift box, you can put candies in it and bandage it with ribbon. And you can use it to store small things.

The box can be modified. Change the color using a plastic bottle of a different color. The box can be made opaque: insert cardboard inside, glue it with paper or paint it with acrylic paint.

We decorate the box’s cover at will, using colored or gift paper, beads, etc. And if you replace the cut out balls from a simple hole with figures (hearts, flowers, etc.) cut out using the figured composter, the box will turn out even more interesting. Experiment.