Heart shaped basket

The day of all lovers is approaching. Many want to please their soul mates with something special and unusual. I want to show you how to make an ordinary and familiar gift for everyone original. We will make a beautiful basket in the shape of a heart into which you can make an interesting gift.

What do you need for work:

  • Cardboard, a heart must be cut out of it.

  • A sheet of colored or white paper for the bottom of the basket.

  • PVA glue.

  • Threads, any, to your taste. The main thing is that they be dense, but not very thick.

  • Hole puncher.

The first thing we need to do is cut out a heart from cardboard. It should be with “paws”, which we will bend and wrap with thread. Two “paws” we need to cut separately, in addition to those that turned around the heart.

Now we begin to make holes with a hole punch in each “paw”. We put a hole punch so that the hole is on top, about 3-5 millimeters from the edge of the “paw”.

Two “paws”, which we cut separately, are glued into place. This place is usually obtained in the bend of the two halves of the heart, it is not possible to make “paws” from the heart itself, but they are necessary there to make the basket beautiful, with the same sides. We glue the “paws” with ordinary tape or masking tape, even paper with glue. Anyway, then we will hide this moment under a sheet of paper.

Now we bend all the “legs” and cut out the heart from colored or white paper. We glue the cut-out heart on the bottom of the basket to hide the places where we glued the missing paws with the base, and generally make the bottom of the basket more attractive.

We start weaving our basket. We insert the end of the thread between the two legs, you can glue it with glue to one of them. You can also not glue it, but simply start wrapping the thread on other paws, the end itself will eventually hide under the threads. First we pass the thread from the front side of one “paw”, then from the wrong side, and so on. Each time you string a new row, press the threads of the last row down so that the winding is tight. Then the basket will turn out homogeneous, and the cardboard will not show through the thread. However, in my case, a blue thread looks good next to a brownish cardboard, but this is an amateur. It is better, of course, that the thread lay tight and completely hide the cardboard.

We wrap the cardboard until it reaches the holes. Now we begin to thread the thread and wrap the edges of the “paws” so that we get a beautiful edging of the basket, and cardboard does not stick out. The top winding layer can be as much as you wish, the main thing is that you like it.

The end of the thread, when you finish the winding, we hide in the basket weaving with a hook or knitting needle.

It turned out here is such a cute basket in which you can pour the sweets that your soulmate loves or any other gift you have prepared. Giving something in such a package will be much more pleasant and the person you love will definitely appreciate it.