Valentine with a volumetric heart

On Valentine's Day, all lovers want to do something very nice for their soulmate. The most beautiful and coveted gifts are selected, beautifully packaged and left to wait for their “finest hour”. To make the gift even more emotional and eloquent, I propose to complement it with a beautiful and original postcard, which you will now learn how to make.

So, you should have the following things for creativity:

• A thick sheet of office paper for the base of the postcard.

• Red paper for the heart. It is desirable, but not necessary, for it to be textured or with beautiful inscriptions, then the heart will look more interesting.

• Pencil, line, scissors.

• PVA glue.

• And any things for the decor of the front side of the card. I will have the same red paper from which I will make a heart and the same type of white paper from which I will make a frame.

We begin to make a card. The first one. What we will do is the basis for the postcard. We bend a sheet of office paper in half if we want to get a large Valentine's card. If you are satisfied with the standard size postcard, then divide the sheet of office paper folded in half into two parts and fold one of them again in half. It turns out here is such a book - the basis.

Now we proceed to the volumetric heart. We cut out two identical hearts from red paper and glue them together so that the red side is on the inside and on the front side.

Using a pencil, draw a spiral on the heart. Just repeat the contours of the heart until you reach its central part.

We take scissors and carefully cut the heart along the drawn spiral. Cut until a small heart remains in the center of our heart. It turned out such a voluminous heart.

Now we glue the heart into our card. Glue a small heart on one side of the card, grease the tip of the largest heart and close the card. It is important that the heart does not change its shape when the card closes. If it moves, then when you close the card, the heart is deformed. If you want an even more voluminous heart, then just make one more spiral in the shape of a heart and glue the two spirals together. They need to be glued together for the small central hearts, and glued to the card for large hearts.

Now we have to issue the front part of the postcard. I cut out another heart, pasted it into the center, and along the outline, with a slight indentation from the edge of the postcard, made a frame.

I got such a postcard. You can experiment and make it more elegant, with a different pattern on the front side, this is a matter of your taste and your desires. In any case, no matter how you fill out the front side, such a card will be a great addition to a gift for Valentine's Day and your soulmate will surely appreciate your efforts and give you a pleasant kiss. Happy Holiday!

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