We embroider a picture "Stripes"

As you know, cross-stitch was very popular among our great-grandmothers, but modern girls are happy to do this needlework. The process of creating paintings with your own hands is interesting, for many it becomes not just a hobby, but also a favorite activity of all life.

Today I suggest that all needlewomen embroider a rather simple picture with a cross on a children's theme “Stripes”. Of course, the children will be delighted with the finished masterpiece, and even such a picture will perfectly decorate the children's room.

To create the painting “Stripes” you will need: thread floss, hoop, canvas, pattern and scissors. Personally, I prefer to buy ready-made embroidery kits, all the contents of such a kit (except the hoop) can be seen in the photo.

And for a hobby, you need a circuit, it is usually attached to the kit, it can be seen in the photo.

In order to start embroidery, you need to fix the canvas on the hoop, you need to do this carefully, evenly pulling the fabric around the hoop.

Since the canvas in this set is quite large, it is recommended to embroider the picture in four folds of thread.

You can start embroidery from the middle of the picture or from the end, as in the photo.

The second option is more convenient for me. All upper stitches should be made in one direction, so the finished picture will look more beautiful.

It is necessary to embroider a picture, following the pattern, alternating colors, this can be seen in the photo.

If it turns out that you want to move the hoop, then you should do this carefully, carefully moving the fabric and re-securing it on the hoop.

Next, embroider the painting “Stripes”, following the pattern, as seen in the photo.

Having finished completely embroidering with the cross, you need to complete the finishing touch - create a certain outline with black threads in the form of a dashed seam, as in the photo.

A charming tiger cub surrounded by funny bees will undoubtedly become a favorite painting for your children.