We use a wooden disc for quick sharpening knives

Many sharpening methods are known, after the correct use of which, the cutting qualities of knives become comparable to the sharpness of razors. At least, such knives easily cut a sheet of paper or newspaper by weight.

One of these methods can be implemented if you have a grinder with a circle of multilayer plywood mounted on its shaft. But before sharpening, it is necessary to treat the working surface of the disk with a special white compound for finishing polishing of products from solid metals and stainless steel with polishing wheels.

After that, sharpening the knife for several seconds on a circle of plywood is enough for it to become razor sharp and calmly cut the paper by weight. Moreover, such a knife can be comfortably shaved.

In this way, you can sharpen not only knives, but also carpentry tools: chisels, plane knives, axes, scissors, etc. For perfect sharpening of any cutting tool it will take no more than one minute.

Making a plywood disc

The circle of multilayer plywood is cut out with an electric jigsaw, after drawing a circle of the desired diameter with a suitable round template and marking its center.

On a drilling machine, in the center, drill a hole equal to the diameter of the shaft seat of the grinder.

We install a circle cut from multilayer plywood on the shaft, after putting a metal washer. We put the same washer under the nut, which we tighten securely with a wrench.

Some slight beating of the circle, as a result of the sawing error, should not bother us, since it can easily be eliminated by treating the rotating circle with a flat carpentry chisel. As an emphasis, we use a piece of pipe or a rigid rod, securely fixed in a vice, and oriented along the working surface of the circle.

Now it remains to cover the working surface of the circle from plywood with a composition for finishing polishing metal products, bringing the bar of this material closer to the rotating disk.

Our homemade tool is completely ready for work - sharpening any knives and other cutting tools.

Once again we are convinced that for sharpening any knife, it will take us no more than one minute, after which the knife cuts the paper by weight, easily removes wood shavings and even cuts thin and soft hairs on the hand.

Cuts paper like a razor.

Cut hairs from hands.

Alternative (traditional) sharpening option

For this we use grinding water stones in an amount of four in the following sequence: pink, yellow, green and white with decreasing grain size. But before you start sharpening knives, stones need to be soaked in water: for coarse grains 5 minutes are enough, fine grains will take about 20 minutes.

If this is not done, the pores of the stone will soon become clogged with metal particles, due to which the surface of the sharpener becomes smooth and loses its abrasiveness, that is, it ceases to sharpen. On the surface of the wet stone during grinding, a special suspension appears, including stone chips and metal powder. It cannot be removed, since it is this suspension that provides the high quality of knife sharpening.

The soaked sharpener is placed in a special holder, which ensures its immobility during the grinding operation.

We apply longitudinal and transverse lines to the stone with a slate pencil, which will serve as a kind of control grid during preliminary processing with a special stone to create favorable conditions for starting knife sharpening. The uniformity and quality of the stone processing will be signaled by the disappearance of the mesh over the entire grinding surface.

Next, we sharpen the knife, observing all the requirements when performing this operation. We repeat the procedures described for the first stone, for all other stones. As a result, after about one and a half to two hours, the knife will become sharp enough to cut the paper by weight.


So, the traditional method of sharpening using water whetstones takes from 90 to 120 minutes. On our plywood wheel, treated with a special composition for finishing products from solid metals and stainless steel, sharpening any knife will take only about one minute.