Openwork body

To weave a body with an openwork pattern on the walls, you will need:

- magazine tubes -112 pieces;

- a sheet of cardboard measuring 15 x 29 cm .;


- a simple pencil;


-PVA glue.

On a sheet of cardboard with pencil, 36 marks are made at the same distance from each other. At the place of each mark, holes are made and magazine tubes are threaded through two-thirds of their length. Magazine tubes are hard and can break when abruptly bent, so you need to stretch them with your hands at the points of inflection. We bend both ends of the tubes - racks and wrap most of the racks on the other side of the cardboard bottom. A smaller part falls on one plane with cardboard. In order not to get confused in the upper and lower racks, one row is braided by simple binding on large, upright stands. For the first row, it is desirable to choose a tube that is darker in color.

Shorter racks are now clearly visible, a pattern is woven from them with a rope, wrapping them in the upper tubes by threading them under the first row. If necessary, you can raise the weaving of the first row, and after finishing work, press it to the bottom.

Three rows of simple weaving are carried out, then working tubes are added, covering each pair of racks. For this work, tubes not dyed, but of a bright color are selected and alternate with the rest through each pair of racks.

The zigzag pattern is made by binding one working thread with two ends folded in half. The end of each thread is braided in two stances at an angle, forming a zigzag. The second end forms a pattern on the next pair of racks.

Next, a new working thread is taken and simple weaving is woven, capturing the tips from the pattern along the way and hiding them. In total, 4 rows are done and the weaving ends.

In order to hide the ends of the racks, they are intertwined with each other according to the principle of "rope".

The finished product is covered with stain in the color of cedar, then - colorless varnish - impregnation. You can optionally weave a lid to the body.