Original candlestick

No one doubts that the best gift is a book. But a handmade gift is especially expensive. Of course, a souvenir of its own making cannot be replaced by a basic gift, but it can completely replace a bouquet of flowers, especially if it is a worthwhile and necessary thing in the household. After all, how pleasant it is to present a present, partly made by one’s own hands. One option for such a gift is a candlestick of own manufacture.

So, to make a candlestick with your own hands, you need to prepare the following material:

- a small glass, the main thing is that it be tall and not too narrow. Glasses for champagne are not suitable, it is better to use wine glasses;

- small colored pebbles, in this case three colors;

- a small saucer;

- Super glue.

Stages of the work.

1. At the bottom of the glass, stones are laid out, evenly distributed over the entire surface. It is best to put stones of the darkest shade at the bottom.

2. Stones of a different color are poured on top.

3. There are stones of another color.

4. Next, you need to insert a candle, setting it strictly in the middle of the glass, and fix it with stones of the third shade.

5. The number of layers of stones can be arbitrary, but the size of the glass should also increase from their number.

6. Choose the largest stones of different colors, it is desirable that they are paired, so that the whole composition looks more symmetrical. Use glue to glue them at the same distance from each other around the entire circumference of the saucer.

7. It is best to take an iron saucer, it will look prettier. A glass of candles set in the center of the saucer.

A bright candlestick is ready. This is a great gift option, as well as home decorations, or an integral part of the most romantic evening.